It is a Mexican company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of mangoes of the ataulfo ​​and tommy atkins varieties. 


Global GAP Certificate


Certification world leader in ensuring agricultural production, recognized by the GFSI. … Is a scheme designed to achieve safe and sustainable production in order to benefit producers, retailers and consumers around the world.

GlobalGAP Certification and GAP Good Agricultural Practices.

According to FAO, a definition of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) consists of the application of available knowledge to the sustainable use of basic natural resources for the benevolent production of food and non-food, safe and healthy agricultural products, to at the same time that economic viability and social stability are sought ”. 

The certification Global GAP has developed standards that define requirements that must be followed in order to guarantee the adoption of BPA in agricultural products around the world. From the beginning of the certification in 2001 to the present, the GAP requirements have been modified and outlined following the dynamics and needs of the market. 

GLOBALGAP establishes voluntary standards through which it is possible to certify agricultural products in all parts of the world. The growing concern for food safety and the protection of the environment makes the guarantee of compliance with good practices in this sector essential.

Global GAP Certificate


México Chiapas original



The MÉXICO CHIAPAS ORIGINAL distinctive seal is born from the effort and motivation of a new generation of entrepreneurs in the State, made up of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, who are the basis of the generation of wealth in our entity. The seal is a proposal to promote and develop a scheme of quality and originality in Chiapas products and services, as well as in the area of ​​negotiations that businessmen and the government carry out in the promotion of investments in the State.

It is an initiative of civil society that arises with the purpose of helping to break the vicious circle of “low prices - low quality - low income or wages, which Chiapas businessmen face; situation that is reflected in low or no capitalization of economic agents "

We are a private-public alliance that promotes and regulates the use of the Chiapas Brand, by generating value for products and services with Chiapas identity and certified quality; promoting the sustainability of our business associates and the satisfaction of consumers.